Welcome to Progressive Journalists And Writers Society (PJAWS)

Progressive Journalists and Writers Society, briefly known as PJAWS, is an organisation (NGO)committed to the well-being and enrichment of the society. It pledges itself to an unrelenting campaign for awareness to enhance the value and quality of writing and of journalism that would bring about a silent revolution in the day to day life of people through their pen and action.

During the current hectic phase of progress and development in the country, when the system seems to have lost its direction, Media and Judiciary have tried to keep pace with the ever-changing scenario, for protecting the interests of the society but the desired result could not be achieved. In the process, the politicians have blamed judiciary as “activist” without taking into account the sufferings of common man and their failure to perform, Journalists and Writers, both wielders of pen, remained conscience keepers of the society. They are the eyes and ears of the society which have to remain open, alert and vigilant.

Media has been trying to render crucial service to the society through its investigative reporting on events and issues of both immediate and long term relevance. Media has to understand that day to day problems of a citizen are much more important than ‘sensationalism’ and because of an overdose of this, our society is getting almost desensitised.Investigative reporting is a much wider and more profound a concept. It means making a deep and thorough study of a problem or an issue being faced by the society. The comprehensive study and critical analysis would guide to an objective and genuine presentation in the media that would bring awareness among citizens putting them in positive and constructive action mode. This would lead to the overdue Social and Political Reforms desperately needed by every individual and the society.

PJAWS undertakes projects identified through investigative process involving people, private and public sectors.