"...I totally share his conviction that knowledge brings awareness: awareness will bring a change in the attitude of drivers towards negligence, recklessness, road-rage and irresponsible driving which will obviusly result into reduction of accidents. Only severe penalties without proper training and education have failed to achieve any result. The rates of accidents are alarmingly increasing in India resulting into avoidable deaths and disabilities..."

Dr. Sudhir Krishna
Secretary to the Government of India

"...Apart from our country, Shri Srivastava has worked abroad for decades helping in the conception, construction and completion of many compex engineering projects. He has thus vast and varied experience, having visited and worked in different parts of the world. He has not only gathered wide experience but possessess a sharp eye to assess a situation, analyze the problem realistically and dissect it to find a practivable and workable solution. But this is not enough. He has a social conscience and motivation. Even in advancing years, he does not just want to rest and relax, but do someting for sociery and inspire, guide and motivate others..."

T. N. Chaturvedi
Former Governor, MP & CAG

"...It presents an alarming fact that "Deaths-on-Roads" in India is 5th largest killer after HIV, TB, Heart and Disabetes diseases. This fact should be brought to the notice of all concerned in private and public sectors. The strategy suggested to gradually reduce deaths and disabilities is commendable and must be adopted...."

Mahadeo Singh Khandela
Minister of State, Road Transport & Highways

These accidents could have been avoided if the drivers had knowledge of Responsible and safe Driving technique...