The following write-up has been prepared by Progressive Journalists And Writers Society (PJAWS) based on their presentation of 19th August 2013 and needed follow-ups for circulation among the Transport Commissioners of Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Ministry of Urban Development


SUBJECT: "Bringing Down Deaths and Disabilities on Urban Roads"

  1. R.K.Singh              Director (Urban Transport) MOUD                                         
  2. H.P.Mishra             Addl. Commissioner, Rajasthan, Jaipur                                  
  3. Vikas Goyal           Dy. Commissioner (OPS), Delhi                                             
  4. S.C.Srivastava        President, Progressive Journalists and Writers Society (PJAWS)         
  5. M.C. Verma IAS    Advisor, PJAWS                                 

The Addl. Transport Commissioner, Rajasthan and Dy. Commissioner (OPS) Delhi attended the meeting. They were provided a copy of the 'Driving Guide' which they had not seen before. They were highly appreciative of the initiatives of MOUD, the Driving Guide and the presentation of PJAWS. They had tremendous understanding of the prevailing serious problems of urban areas and showed expected positive support to our proposal. Their willingness to adopt and follow the proposed guide-lines of MOUD was highly appreciated by MOUD & PJAWS.
A copy of the presentation of 19th August 2013 of PJAWS is enclosed. The following conclusions and follow-ups needed are summarized by PJAWS after the presentation and discussions.

  1. PJAWS has designed the project in such a way that all the activities proposed will be undertaken without any amendments to current Rules and Regulations with a view to avoiding excuses for delays.
  2. Implementation Committee comprising Corporate Sector, PSUs, NGOs and the Government as proposed in the presentation should be formed without any delay under the Chairmanship of Secretary, MOUD as was already agreed during the meeting held in his Chamber on the 31st December 2012. This will expedite achievement of our objectives-
  1. massive awareness drive,                                                                                
  2. education (in-class) of safe driving techniques, rules and regulations             
  3. training (in-car)                                                                                   
  4. testing of drivers                                                                                                                     
    1. Theory: Computerized in class-rooms for pre-certification certificates                                   
    2. Practical: In-car on road


  1. Formation of a Monitoring Committee comprising of Coordinator – MOUD, a representative of each Transport Commissioner of NCR, Ministry of Transport and PJAWS to ensure time bound performance.
  2. Appointment of a Consultant for developing software for 'Computerized Theory Testing utilizing 106 odd questions of Driving Guide' by MOUD which should then be provided to all Transport Commissioners for uniformity in NCR as well as the entire country.
  3. It has been noted that all the present problems in issuing Driving Licenses are due to manipulation in the testing process whether Theory or Practical (in-car). This has to be totally eliminated.
  4. PJAWS will supervise the newly developed fool-proof Transparent Testing of Drivers system for Pre-Certification Certificates. PJAWS plans to manage the job by outsourcing it to most competent and reputable company having presence in all the cities where Drivers' Licenses are issued.
  5. Ministry of Urban Development, Ministry of Transport and all Transport Commissioners should ensure that Teaching of Driving Guide is introduced in Class VIII as practiced in many countries. Presently some half-hearted efforts have been made in this respect.
  6. Initially, the most important programme 'Training the Trainer' should be funded by MOUD for all existing Driving Schools of NCR, Transport and Police officials as they fall under the jurisdiction of MOUD. PJAWS will provide necessary support.
  7. MOUD to assist PJAWS to start work this year on establishing, in stages,5 Model Driving Schools in NCR.
  8. Implementation Committee to develop strategy for outsourcing Training & Testing programmes through established reputable institutions and supervision with the support of RWAs/NGOs. PJAWS after undertaking studies of prevailing conditions has come to conclusion that for achieving its laid down objectives, Public Private Participation is totally unavoidable. Government alone cannot achieve much because of its limitations particularly in supervision. PJAWS has developed a strategy of random checking through PPP; this can easily be adopted in NCR.
  9. The Transport Commissioners should immediately take initiative in creating a Revolving Fund in providing Driving Guide to each applicant of Learner Driving Licence so that the applicant could get proper knowledge of Safe Driving Techniques, Rules and Regulations and accordingly prepare for the Driving Test. If there is any problem in arranging funds, the Implementation Committee should arrange under CSR. The requirement can be substantially reduced if only stock of two months is maintained.
  10. The surveys conducted by PJAWS found that every young Learner Driver was keen to have the Driving Guide at any cost. It is the Government which has totally failed to provide such material in last 66 years.
  11. During one of the surveys, S.C.Srivastava, author of Driving Guide showed the book to those Learner Applicants who were present at the RTO office. He was practically mobbed as each one was begging for a copy for any amount.
  12. It should be noted that the Government has invested crores of rupees on infrastructures and continues to do so even now but not any amount has ever been budgeted on educating and training drivers to save their lives, reduce disabilities and associated problems.
  13. The deaths and disabilities create enormous social problems for which Government has not paid any attention till date.
  14. Its pertinent to mention that the Government should create "Special Funds" for affected families and encourage NGOs and Corporate Sectors  under CSR to support such families and the disabled to make them productive to live respectfully and not to become liabilities on the family and the society.
  15. The size of the project as described in our presentation, in the absence of any data, is estimated very conservatively, as Rs.3, 500.00 Crores. When all the data regarding the number of licences that are issued annually to learner drivers throughout the country and the number of renewals for current Licence holders that will take place after refresher courses are compiled, it should easily cross
    Rs.10, 000Crores.
  16. This figure has been compiled to attract private sector to establish Driving schools of International standards in every city. These schools will teach properly the safe Driving Techniques, Rules and Regulations for bringing down deaths and disabilities and will be commercially viable.
  17. PJAWS do not support the idea of unnecessary subsidies for the Drivers as explained in the presentation. The owner-driver and the professional driver can comfortably bear the expenses.
  18. FUNDING:                                                                                                                      
  19. PJAWS has designed the project of few thousand Crores as financially self-supporting and would not require any substantial funding from the Government if our Modus Operandi is adopted.     
  20. The Transport Commissioners should create a Revolving Fund to finance the Learner Driver programme but that would not be a 'financial aid' as the cost of the programme will ultimately be borne by the Learner driver. In case of any difficulty in creating a Revolving Fund, it can also be managed under CSR.
  21. Whatever PJAWS has proposed to be funded by MOUD can also be managed under CSR if there is any delay in arranging funds by MOUD as Ministry had not made any provision in their budget.            
  22. The proposal of funding under CSR will not be possible until the formation of Implementation Committee. Hence the formation of the Implementation Committee is the most urgent step of our execution strategy.
  23. During our surveys, PJAWS discovered wide-spread ignorance of 'Safe Driving Techniques, Rules and Regulations' among Transport and Police officials. It is, therefore, suggested that a few copies of Driving Guide must be procured by each Transport Commissioner for distribution among their officials.
  24. Down-loading and printing of Driving Guide from website is not a practical solution. Moreover, it will be at least 4 - 5 times more expensive than what PJAWS has provided MOUD for Rs.165/-(International Price is more than Rs.1000/-). The prints from website will be of extremely poor quality. The websites are normally used for references and study by students.
  25. The most important observation is that the representatives of Transport Commissioners showed total understanding of our project which is so encouraging that we feel totally assured to achieve our objective within our time frame.

PROGRESSIVE JOURNALISTS AND WRITERS SOCIETY (PJAWS)                                          Date: 27-08-2013